Terms and Conditions

By accessing and using this website, services and products offered by Hosting N Domain hereafter “Hosting N Domain”, you, the User is accepting the terms and contents of this agreement and expressly declares its acceptance through electronic means, as provided by Article 1803 of the federal code. If the user does not agree wholly or completely the terms and conditions for this agreement he must not access, use, view and / or hire the services of “Hosting N Domain”

In case that you, the user continues in the use of “Hosting N Domain” such action is considered as absolute and express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions stipulated in this document.

These General Conditions, together with the Particular Conditions, the descriptions of the benefits and fee lists, which in every case are established, will regulate the provision by “Hosting N Domain” of web hosting services, domain name registration, electronic mail service, applications and computing tools (hereafter, "Services"), and other services that in the future could be provided to the CLIENT in exchange of the corresponding remuneration payable by it.

Such services confer the CLIENT a right of use for the products offered in accordance with the deadlines, conditions and terms of the General Conditions and Special Conditions, which in every case are established.

In this document the terms and conditions are expressed for each range of “Services” of “Hosting N Domain”, same ones that can or not apply to recruitment but which are made of your knowledge and acceptance in such case to make partial or full use of them.

When hiring any of these “Services” accept the terms and conditions stipulated in this document and if Hosting N Domain update the same you will be notified using the contact details provided on your registration form

So is your responsibility and obligation to be aware of any changes to this document. As Hosting N Domain undertakes to publish any changes within the site hostingndomain.com and has at your disposal the support service through help@hostingndomain.com.

These General Conditions shall prevail over any general condition that could claim the CLIENT, unless expressly agreed otherwise which is stated in writing the acceptance of “Hosting N Domain”.

In the specific sections of this document any particular condition is stipulated for the “Services” contracted by the CLIENT and the rights and obligations of “Hosting N Domain” for them.

I. Intellectual Property Hosting N Domain

All materials contained on this site and sites owned by Hosting N Domain (including but not limited to text, logos, content, images [animated and static], icons, and photographs, among other) are protected by the laws of Copyright and Industrial Property, both national and international.

Regarding all content on the site, is forbidden the reproduction, use, copying, printing, distribution, publishing, translation, adaptation, arrangement and any other use or modification of all or part of the data and contents in this website through any media and in any form.

Regarding the use of the logo can be used only if the following clauses were fulfilled:

  • The material may be used only for personal or educational use, will not be used for profit or commercial use.
  • Must include the legend of copyrights or trademarks, hinting at Hosting N Domain S.A de C.V, that is "Copyright ©,Hosting N Domain All rights reserved".
  • An email is sent to help@hostingndomain.com giving notice of what information is going to be used and its purpose.

The foregoing does not grant any license or any right in respect of that information.

II. Rights and Obligations of the Customer


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